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updated July 27 2021   puppy page is current

If you see a puppy you are are interested in a puppy please go ahead and fill out the puppy application.  Inquiries with applications in will be given priority.  If you have already sent one and are interested in a current puppy, send me a text to let me know and I will reach back to you as soon as I can. We require a phone conversation before reserving a puppy. 

Puppies can be picked up in Tyler, Tx or sometimes in Terrel or Rockwall, TX as we still go to that area to purchase our dog food and supplies.  We meet in public for safety and disease prevention.  

Transport to the northeast may be the possible the first week of August for additional fee if we get a couple of puppies going in that direction. 

Our normal pricing is:

Siberian Husky puppies $1200

Yakutian Laika puppies $1800 +BAER hearing test fee if applicable.   


Please read this page entirely and our FAQ page before inquiring about puppies.


We do not list our puppies early, and we do not maintain a waiting list.  We want to see how they develop and learn their temperaments so we can make sure they are a good match for their prospective families so we wait until at least 7-10 weeks before we list them available.Our puppies are always well-started on their vaccines (Neopar & DA2), de-wormed multiple times, started on oral flea and tick prevention and handled from the beginning.  Our puppies are raised indoors with lots of stimulation.  We put a lot into our dogs and our lives are spent around the care of them.

Puppy names are just to refer to them by.  You are welcome to name your puppy whatever you would like.

Although we show our adult Siberian Huskies, it is because we love to and want to get the professional opinions on the quality of our dogs.  Most of our puppies go to wonderful companion homes, not to other show homes.  We feel strongly that people who want a pet should be able to get a good quality example of the breed from health tested and proven bloodlines.

Puppies are not considered reserved until deposit has been received. 
In general we require 1/2 deposit to hold for a pickup within 2-3 days or payment in full to hold longer.  We do not mind at all keeping puppies a little longer for pickup as long as they have been paid for (non-refundable) and you are 100% sure you want that puppy.  Payments are non-refundable, it is a committment to purchase that puppy. 

Hawkeye #7466

Available male  $1800 plus $75 BAER fee

or $1500 as a pet only 

(new photos coming soon)

Yakutian Laika with dark eyes are than a unique little spec on his right eye.  :)


Sully chip#8189

Available male  $1000 pet home only

Siberian Husky



Available (application pending) male  $1000 pet home only

Siberian Husky


Sandy chip#8191

Available female  $1000 pet home only

Siberian Husky


Shelby chip#8192

Available female  $1000 pet home only

Siberian Husky


Apple chip#8202

Available female  $1800 

Yakutian Laika  


Aurora chip#8205

Available female  $1800 

Yakutian Laika  



Available female  $1800 plus $75 BAER fee

Yakutian Laika  


Buttons chip#2317

Available female  $1500 pet home only 

New photos posted 7/26

Yakutian Laika  
she is so sweet and loves to cuddle.  If you are looking for a soft tempered loving puppy she is the one.  :)


Valor chip#1711

Available male  $1800 plus $75 BAER fee

Yakutian Laika  


Vail chip#1712

Available male  $1500 pet only

Yakutian Laika  - 

Vail absolutely loves people but is a little dominant with other puppies so an experienced or single dog home is preferred.  He absolutely loves people and wants to be someone's best friend.   :)


Vance chip#1713

Available male  $1800 plus $75 BAER fee

Yakutian Laika  Vance is a sweet puppy and gets along great with puppies much smaller than him.  He is the biggest puppy in his litter.


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