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Siberian Husky Puppies

Puppy availablility is current as of 8/16/2019.  These puppies are ready to go.  We do not list our puppies until they are ready to go or close to it as we want to make sure they have done well and that we see the temperament of our puppies before deciding what homes they will go to.  The parents of these litters are listed on our Siberian Huskies page.   Photos are current and there are about 20 or more photos of each puppy so please do not send emails just asking for more photos. We put a lot of time into our puppy photos and try to show the puppies as clearly as possible. 

Our puppies are always well-started on their vaccines (Neopar & DA2), de-wormed multiple times, started on Nexgard or Trifexis flea and tick prevention and handled from the beginning.  Our puppies are raised indoors with lots of stimulation. 

If you are interested in a puppy please email me at (included your phone number) or send a text to 903-327-6631  and I will give you a call.  I do not go back and forth over email, I use it for initial contact only as I am very busy with the dogs and by phone it is easier to tell you about the dogs and to know if you are a good fit.  I am not always readily available as I do stay very busy with the dogs. 

We do not ship our puppies but if you are out of our area feel free to message anyway as sometimes I travel for dog shows or you can fly into DFW to pick up the puppy. Prices are listed as pets with limited AKC registration, contact us directly for pricing and details if you are wanting full AKC registration.  Prices are firm and non-negotiable.  We put a lot into our dogs and our lives are spent around the care of them.   Most of our adults are titled in conformation, performance events and health tested.  Our puppies are very well started on quality food, well-vaccinated and on the best care protocols. 

Our dogs always have very nice correct ears, some of the puppies ears are still up and down a little but will be fully up in the next week or two.   :)

Micco (6789) available

Black and white male

Tiara X Bosco

Forest (6751) available

Sable male 2 dark eyes

Jingle X Gunner

Hunter (6794) Available

sable and white male

Jingle X Gunner

Nova (6795) available

Black and white female

Tiara X Bosco

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