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Updated 07/18/24.  Along with all the dog things I am busy working on a new website as well. So updates here will be a bit slower.   I am updating available puppies during the next couple of days.  Between storms and other things going on I have been slow again to get photos.  We have some amazing Siberian Husky puppies that are read for their new homes.  


s listed are ready to go unless stated otherwise. Puppy pickup available most anytime north of Tyler, TX. We can usually get to Terrell once a week for DFW people as well. Puppy pickup are in public for safety and disease prevention. 

  We have a small waiting list for each breed, waiting list is a $300 deposit toward your puppy that allows you to be in the first to pick from puppies as they become available.  Deposit to reserve a specific puppy is generally half the price of that puppy.

Prices for our Siberian Huskies are generally $1200 pets $1500 for full registration  Yakutian Laikas are $1500-1800 for pets and $1800-2300 for full registration.   Prices $1000 and under for pets do not include registration unless specifically stated otherwise.   Some puppies may be more depending on special quality or bloodline.  Our prices are always listed on our website, we think it's ok to know how much you can expect to spend before you contact a breeder.   

I don't do a lot of back and forth over emails due to it being so time consuming. Rather we try to get a call set up so we can see if they are a right fit for you and work out details.   And you know you are talking to a real American breeder.   :)

Though we show our dogs obviously not every puppy will be a show puppy so we are more than happy to offer puppies to great pet homes as well.   The Yakutian Laika breed our kennel has the most genetic diversity and the most proven show and working dogs in the USA.  The breed has large litters and we must breed the adults to keep those bloodlines going in the USA and spread the bloodlines out.  So we do tend to have pet Yakutian Laika puppies available at most time.  If none you see are in your budget, send us a message anyway we may have someone looking for a special home.   :)


See our TikTok videos to get an idea of what sets our puppy raising apart and how much fun they have while they are here.   Our puppies are the pride and passion of our lifestyle.   

(11) (@yakutianlaikatexas) | TikTok



$500 pet

fun and friendly puppy . She absolutely loves to play fetch.

Siberian Husky Puppy - Ready To Go home 



 pet price is $500 for other details contact us.

Siberian Husky Puppy - Ready To Go home 



$500 pet

fun and friendly puppy . 

Siberian Husky Puppy - Ready To Go home 



$1500 NKC registerable

I am listing the American Bulldog puppies here for my husband since he does not have a website. 

He has one litter of American Bulldogs, these dogs are for hog hunting and I plan to show them for him as well.

. Performance type American Bulldog puppies, Bred for hog hunting, showing companionship or sports. The dam is closely bred on Joshua's Ole Southern White. Great grand pups of Nat'l CH. Joshua's Ol' Southern White. They are ready to go this weekend. Great puppies with a power packed pedigree on the dams side we have Davis TX Super Hypnotic (CH. Gunslinger's Callahan / CH. Gunslinger's Last Round Chambered). The Dam is Davis Texas Joshua Queen B aka "B" out of Joshua's Benaiah (Nat'l CH. Joshua's Ol' Southern White and Texas Davis Lady Ciroc, ( CH. Gunslinger's the Padre / CH. Gunslinger's Hellcat).

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