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When puppies are available to be chosen you can find their photos on our puppies page. However, please read this entire FAQ page before sending an inquiry, thank you.  :)

  • How are you handling COVID19?
    We are trying to make puppy pickups a little quicker if possible. We are limiting things going back and forth by doing most contracts by email. Which I am working to get that on the website so it can be done that way instead. Most items we include in our puppy kits have been in our possession long before the COVID19 came around. While with local owners we have mostly had people simply pay cash when picking up the puppies or pay a small deposit to hold the puppy and pay the rest in cash, with COVID19 only payment really is our preferred method rather than handling cash more than needed. As dog breeders we already always kept a stock of things such as bleach, tri-fectant and foam quat for disease control because dog breeders always have to be careful to not bring a parvovirus infection.

  • Do you keep a waiting list?
    At this time we do not keep a waiting list. Our Siberian Husky puppies always go very quickly and our rare breed puppies our first priority is working with other breeders, show exhibitors etc. When we do have companion puppies available we post them on the website when they are ready to go or near ready to go.

  • What is the purchasing process?
    Because we do not keep a waiting list. We do encourage people who are waiting on puppies to email us and I will try to inform you when litters are posted. Unfortunately we do get a lot of emails so this is hard sometimes. If there is a puppy you would like to purchase the best thing is to text or email me with what puppy you are interested in and I will give you a phone call. For the most part I only do phone calls when people are ready to consider a certain puppy or debating which one they want etc. If I called everyone that emailed me I would spend my whole life on the phone. I am way too busy with the dogs for that. :)

  • Are your puppies spayed or neutered.
    No, we do not condone early spay and neuter of young dogs. Dogs need their hormones for proper development.

  • What comes with the puppies?
    Our puppies are current on their vaccines for their current age. They are microchipped and well-started on de-worming as well as either Nexgard or Bravecto flea and tick prevention. They come with a puppy kit that varies some based on things we find to include. But all puppies have a collar and leash. Generally we include toys, some started food, a blanket etc. The puppies also come with a binder or folder that includes their health records, information on the 30 days free pet health insurance, and copies of information on their parents such as health testing and awards.

  • What food are your puppies on?
    Please see our food and supplements page for information on this.

  • Do you require supplements?
    We require our puppies to be on a quality supplement. Our suggestion is NuVet for all of our puppies, along with NuJoint additionally for the Yakutian Laika puppies. You can order from This is what we use for all of our own dogs. We are always willing to consider other supplements to be used and the puppy still covered under the health guarantee if you send us the information on the supplements you would like to use instead. Some issues such as cataracts can be caused by lack of specific vitamins in the dog's diet. This is how we make sure the puppies are getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. Especially Vitamin B and Zinc.

  • Where are you located?
    We are in Rockwall, County Texas, just east of Dallas. We do meet in public for puppy pickups. It is unsafe to have strangers in our home for the safety of our family and our dogs from theft and disease control as well. We are in the process of farther east so meeting in the Tyler or Terrell is also possible depending on timing etc.

  • When can we place a deposit?
    In general we do not allow deposits until puppies are ready to be reserved. We do not want puppies chosen early. We want to make sure they are doing great and are ready to go. We want to make sure we are aware of their temperaments. For example we would not want to place a shyer puppy in a home with several children or a more dominant puppy in a home with small dogs

  • How do we pick a puppy?
    When our puppies are ready to go I get help to take a nice photo shoot of them. It is impossible for me to get good puppy photos alone because the puppies want to be up under me all the time. Puppies are chosen by photos and if there is a puppy you are quite sure your family wants then we will do a phone call to discuss the purchasing process and if that puppy is a good fit for your home.

  • Can we come meet the puppies earlier? Can we come play with the puppies? Can we come visit them?
    No, our puppies are raised in our HOME. We meet in public for puppy pickups for many reasons primarily safety and disease prevention. We do not have strangers in and out of our home, it is risky and our home owner's insurance would drop us if we did. We meet in public for puppy pickups, it is the safest for everyone including and most importantly for our puppies and future puppies. Most of our original bloodlines we have imported from other countries, so most of our own dogs we have also selected from photos and information from the breeders except we also paid much higher prices and usually high transportation costs as well before we met them. If you are local and picking up the puppy within 24 hours of reservation you will have the option to simply pay in cash at pickup rather than paying ahead, though paying ahead through the website is generally easier for everyone.

  • How do I reserve a puppy?
    After I have spoke to you on the phone you may pay a deposit or full payment through the website. Or if you are local and plan to pickup with 24 hours we generally can do a 24 hour courtesy hold so you can pay in cash if you prefer. No puppy is considered reserved until either a payment has been made or a pickup time (within 24 hours) has been scheduled. Please note this process never starts until after we list individual puppies available on the website and this is generally when they are at least 7-9 weeks old. While we realize you may feel eager to get a puppy reserved we want them matched to the right homes and are sometimes selecting puppies for our own program for showing etc which we cannot do until they are about 8 weeks or so. Sometimes we let puppies go at 8 weeks if they are exceptionally strong. Usually it is not until 10 weeks that we start letting them go home.

  • How can I learn more about the breeds?
    We stay very very busy with the dogs and right now (summer 2020) we are also in the process of moving so even busier than normal. So unfortunately I do not usually have time to just spend on the phone chatting about the breed anymore. We encourage you to research the breeds as much as possible. I will be working on posting links to more resources as time allows.

  • Can you give me a call?
    Phone calls are generally made after you have selected a puppy so we can go through the approval process and make plans from there. Unfortunately I probably get ten or more messages a day from people who would like me to call them and chat about the breeds etc. While I love to talk dogs and in reality I could talk about dogs all day long, I simply have too much to do so my phone time is primarily reserved for when puppies are ready to go.

  • Can you send me a message when you post the puppies?
    In reality, I will try. But I get so many messages like that. So, definitely keep watch on the website. I plan to make an email notification list but I have not gotten a chance to work out the details on that yet.

  • Can you send me a few photos of the upcoming puppies?
    As a general rule, no. I do not send early photos. Puppies will be featured on our Puppies page when they are available for reserveation. I cannot get quality photos by myself and while you may be not think you care if they are good photos. I care if they are good photos. My puppies are the pride and joy of my constant efforts and work. I do not feel comfortable sending out bad quality photos of it. If I send out photos early people start trying to pick puppies early. We do not allow that either and we do not want people getting their hearts set on a puppy that is not a fit for their family or that we may be keeping or reserving for one of our partner kennels.

  • I keep missing out on puppies because they sell quickly once posted, what can I do?
    If you have missed out on a puppy a time or two because they are getting sold before you see them on the page, send us another message and let us know. I will look up your contact history in our email etc. and try to then stay a little more in contact to make sure you know when the next puppies are listed.

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